Drawing Reviews

By | October 5, 2016

Some think that because you’re drawing something on the drafting board, you have to deal with the postal service and wait a long time for your client to review, make corrections and get the drawing back to you for changes. This just isn’t the case with today’s technology. At most office supplies, they have large format copiers that also can turn your image into a graphics file and then save them as a PDF file.

I have a Staples office supply store just 3 blocks away from me. All I have to do is carry my drawing to them and within 5 or 10 minutes, I have PDF’s ready to email to my client.

Ain’t technology grand?

3 thoughts on “Drawing Reviews

    1. Timothy Post author

      Yeah, you do have to make sure your pencil lines are clear and readable, if that’s what you mean. Or is it just technology?

      1. Christopher Ottinger

        “This just isn’t the case with today’s technology.”

        The daemon…technology!


        In pencil lines we trust

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