Drafting Supplies Online – Choices and Prices

By | September 1, 2016

Why do people prefer to buy drafting supplies, drafting tables and other drawing and designing items online? Price does play the important role of a prompter. It is true that online prices for drafting supplies are definitely lower online compared to a physical store. More on that as we go along, but the two chief reasons for students, artists and architects moving to online stores are choice and convenience.

Choice is the Key:

Take drafting tables for instance. Artists are very particular about the type of table. A physical store conveniently determines what is ‘fast moving in this town’ and offers limited choice; it is simply too difficult for them to stock as many varieties as an online drafting supplies store.

In addition to the choice, prices are also generally lower at online stores. Suppose you are looking for a drafting table that has the ‘true drafting height,’ you may get it for around $140, saving a clear $100. You can adjust the height anywhere from 33½” to 39½”, depending on whether you use castors or foot glides. Again, there is choice of two sizes, 30″ x 42″, and 36″ x 48″ drafting tops, which usually come with cherry wood grain flat tops.

Speaking of drafting tables, split level tables would be ideal for students and smaller offices. These have two independent surfaces, the larger one for drawing and the smaller top can be used to place your laptop and park your mobile phone. Though these space savers cost nearly 40 to 45% less, around $180, they are loaded with features: tilt and height adjustable, have built-in storage, castors, and floor-guides and so on.


Has it happened to you that you had to visit the drafting supplies store more than once to get hold of your drafting tools? Possible, if the store is out of stock, you may have to run around twice just for buying a parallel ruler. A good online store stocks more numbers and verities, simply because they can afford to and cater across the States.

Door delivery arranged by online drafting equipment sellers is a major saver of time and effort, in these days of traffic and parking hassles.

Lower Prices:

Saving around $350 on a drafting machine that usually costs over $1000 would come in quite handy for a student. Particularly, if it is a good machine with a sliding track on ball bearings, has a brake lever, 2 Plexiglas scales, and weighs just 20lb.

The online stores have national markets and so buy in volumes; this gives them the power to negotiate large discounts from the manufacturers. That’s how they offer all drafting supplies at such reasonable prices.

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